Greetings! Salutations! Blessings! Joy! and Peace! My name is Elaine.2015-05-27 13.41.22 Welcome to my blog!  I like this theme – except for one thing:  In order to access the sub-pages, you need to click on the icon at the top left that looks like lined paper.  Now that you have that information, you’ll be able to navigate my blog which is woefully out-of-date, but I’m determined that this will be remedied.

The End of MyOpera

This was originally posted at my.opera.com/mezzomama (my old blog)

Here’s the comment I posted to the OMINOUS ANNOUNCEMENT:

My initial reaction:  Shock!  Bewilderment!  Sadness!  and yes, a little Anger!

I really wish myopera was staying around. So, are you guys just going to be focusing on the browser & e-mail client (software) now & that’s all?

In any case, I am trying to migrate my blog over to wordpress, but my export is taking a very very very long time to be ready.  Should I be concerned? Is there a forum for this? How long should this take? When should I be asking someone to look into it?

Also, my handle is already taken over there, so I’m going to be joyfulsongstress.wordpress.com

Here’s another idea for you guys: market your blog platform!  It was so easy to set up a basic blog (compared to the other guys), and then it was possible to customize it further if one was a real techie (which I’m not), and had the time & gumption to do it (which I don’t).

I’d like to suggest that we try to find a way to show people that we came from myopera. For me FB is not an option. That’s for people who are much closer to me. For me, it’s not for developing relationships from scratch.

I’m going to miss everybody.

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This isn’t the sort of post that I’d hoped would be the one that would get me off my backside & get me blogging again!

Have you ever found out that you’ve been sold a fake? Have you ever been scammed by someone you had grown to trust? This has happened to me recently.

Here’s a little background about me: I have naturally quite curly hair (see pictures). Naturally-curly hair by its very nature is much more easily damaged than straight hair. It requires specialized products to care for it & keep it looking good. Even plain tap water can damage my hair. So, when I learned of a hair colour that contained no peroxide or ammonia, I decided that I would try it as soon as my greys were becoming noticeable enough. When the time came, I did so.

The company I’ve been ordering my hair colour from (from overseas) for the past several years (I’m not naming names), turns out to have been selling fakes and now appears to be going (or have gone) out of business.

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Settling in

What a month!

We completed our move & arrived in our new home very early on the 13th after a 17.5 hour drive (including stops). The moving truck with all our stuff arrived on the 15th, so we’re back in boxville, but oh so happy to be together again as a family – and in a much nicer house than we’ve ever had.

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Big changes coming!

Well, we’ve been on our own – me & my little guy – for most of this year. My hubby has been on loan to a base clear across the country since mid-June. It’s so hard to parent an active emotionally-distraught 6 year old boy by onesself! Having Clinical Depression and an anxiety disorder on top of it doesn’t help. If I didn’t have a prayer life, and my medication, I’m sure I would have self-destructed.

Anyway, in the meantime my hubby is planning to apply for for a longer-term renewable contract. Some time following this decision, our landlord gave us 2 months notice to move. I hate moving, so I’d rather not do it twice, so we are pulling up stakes, saying our good-byes to people and this place that has been my home for 100% of my 44 years of life, and moving out of province where we don’t know many people to start a whole new life.

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Mother’s Day Shock

Well, I just got a real shock for Mother’s Day. My son & I got up & went to early Mass this morning – well, actually the 2nd Mass – the earliest one is waaaaay too early! After that, my son took me to the Mother’s Day Luncheon, and then we stayed for the CFC’s local General Assembly. Once that was over, we went home. Everything going to plan so far!

Once we were at home, I booted up the computer & turned on the softphone in preparation for the long-awaited call from my hubby. He called me on my cell phone to find out what time I’d be home & to tell me that it would be a while before he could use his computer.

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Long Update

For those of you who have been wondering what’s been going on with me since early September (my last really meaningful post) here goes:

My husband had surgery on his shoulder in early September. The procedure is called ‘Bankart Repair’. Initially we were told (erroneously) that the recovery time would be 6 weeks. When we went to see the doctor for the follow-up visit, we learned that the recovery time is actually more like 6 months. It was a very painful process. My husband could not lay flat, so he essentially had to sleep sitting up. He also needed to take very strong pain medications. Even with these he was still in rather severe pain.

At the end of September we had to move. We got some financial help for this, but almost no physical help, so my husband was forced to be packing up boxes and helping to carry some of them out to the moving containers. His friend who helped us so much ended up moving most of our stuff out of the house into the containers. We ended up needing 3 containers. We really need to pare down!

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